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Do you have big dreams or goals for the upcoming year?

Have you had the same goals for the last several years because you keeping pushing them until next year? Same, I’m guilty too.

Maybe you want to write a book, change careers, learn an instrument, workout, eat healthier, or wake up earlier. Whatever it is, you’ve always wanted it. You’ve told yourself over and over again that you're going to do it, eventually.

But eventually turns into a Netflix binge or a two-hour scroll through social media. …

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I’m not talking about learning a language like they tried to force you to do in school but on your own as a hobby. Studying another language pushes your mind to work in different ways. You will learn new concepts and ideas that will broaden your outlook on life, which will affect your writing.

You will be introduced to new systems, cultures, and people. When you make new connections with new people, you learn new ideas and ways of thinking. Not to mention you will boost up your vocabulary and enhance your knowledge of grammar in both languages. …

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Whether you are a beginner writer or a seasoned one, we’ve all had to experience that first rejection. It sucks, but it’s good for you.

Reading the words “Though we appreciate the opportunity to read your work, we don’t feel it meets our current needs” wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Honestly, it was expected but it still sucked.

When you hit submit that first time it would be nice if it was accepted but realistically, it probably won’t be. It may take several submissions before you get it published and that’s okay. …

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Not used to having the kids home all day? Missing your previous day job that didn’t involve denying a six-year-old snacks every ten minutes? Want to rip your hair out trying to remember third-grade math?

You are not alone.

I admit I am not the most patient person in the world, so staying home with the kids never even crossed my mind. I struggle to help them with their regular homework, let alone their entire day of learning.

Here’s the thing though, if you think it’s going to be frustrating and that it’ll suck, then that is exactly what will…

There we were, my husband and I, sippin’ cocktails and toasting each other on our new home when my nine-year-old came running in from the kitchen.

“Mama water is coming from the roof!”

It wasn’t raining outside.

We figured someone, or some kid, had spilled water in the kitchen and didn’t want to fess up to the mess.

Low and behold water was steadily dripping from the kitchen ceiling all over the floor. So, I went to the basement to get a bucket only to find another treasure waiting below.

A sewage leak, all over the basement floor.

Eventually, the…

When it comes to people and fiction, good taste and likability are subjective. What one person loves another will inevitably hate. That’s just the way it is.

So take this article with a grain of salt.

If however, you’ve come across an undeniable amount of hate for your fictional characters, allow me to point out a few things. Obviously, I’ll be talking about characters who the reader is supposed to like or identify with. Villians and side characters can also benefit from these tips but to keep things simple I’ll maintain the focus of this article on the protagonist(s).


For new or aspiring writers who need to get their act together and start writing

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What does it mean to make writing a priority?

It means to focus on writing over other matters in life, like watching TV or mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

What is more important, watching three episodes of a show or getting three hours of writing done?

To achieve this you need to:

Be goal-oriented, plan your writing, and implement writing into your life.

Why making writing a priority is important?

Writing is your goal and if you don’t make it a top priority, it will…

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You’ve decided to start a side hustle to earn a little extra cash but how to pick the right one?

When I say side hustle I mean just that. A little something on the side to make more money.

Now, having said that, some side hustles can and will be profitable. Sometimes they can replace your main stream of income. If that is your goal then it will definitely play a part in choosing the right side hustle for you.

But if you aren’t looking for anything too serious and just want some play money, side hustles are a great…

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Tax season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to get real about your money and take control of your finances.

I remember looking over my W-2 Form after my first year at a new job and was a little shook at how much money I actually made. It was much more than I originally thought, but I had nothing to show for it.

Sure, the bills were paid on time and we had food on the table but we never seemed to have anything left over for savings or enjoyment.

How could we have spent so much money…

Three tips to start learning Japanese for free!

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Are you interested in learning the Japanese language but need to figure out where to start? Without spending anything more than time?

There are tons of resources and expert opinions on how to learn Japanese. So much information can be overwhelming and make it difficult to know where to start.

The beginning can be easy and very rewarding so let’s get started.

Learn Hiragana and Katakana

Hiragana (ひらがな) is one of the three Japanese writing systems and it the best place to start learning the language. …

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